Friday, January 2, 2009


Today in the morning I decided to create something
so I made another bookmark.
I have so much stuff in my crafty room
that it is high time to start using them in a creative way, not only storing.
It is a part of my 2009 resolution:
Make more crafts, start and finish some albums
(for example honeymoon in Ireland)
and stop postponing important things to do which I have to do anyway.
I started yesterday with doing my sister's and my American taxes
from 2006 and 2007.
It is not my fault that IRS (tax office of USA)
gives you 3 years to file taxes if you do not owe anything.
I took my time to process the thought that I had to do them.
It took me more to print forms and manuals (45 pages each)
than filling in information and numbers.
Actually it was easy!
I have one more thing for this year:
learn how to use Photoshop
(first I have to find the CD with it- it is somewhere in the house).
Have a great year everybody!!!


alexls said...

Bardzo mi sie podoba Twoja zakladka. Ostatnio "chodza" za mna takie kolory. Na dodatek na gwiazdke dostalam chyba taki sam puncher Marty Steward, jaki wykorzystalas do wykonania zakladki - sliczny jest!
Zycze aby wystarczylo samozaparcia w realizoacje postanowien noworocznych:)

muma said...

Ja tez sie do zyczen przylaczam - zeby udalo Ci sie wszystkie postanowienia zrealizowac latwo i przyjemnie :)
Wszystkiego naj z Nowym Roku :*