Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hi everyone,
It is rainy day today so we will not spend too much time outside unfortunately. So far we had to skip morning walk but I hope I will be able to stroll Olivia in the neighborhood later. My mom spoiled my little girl with walks while she was here visiting us for 5 weeks.
Anyway, today I would like to show you a card which I made for James' friend's parents. I think it doesn't seem finished. For me it misses some flourish stamps, but I realized of that when everything was glued together. Oh well!
Have a great Wednesday!


Monia said...

Jak dla mnie nic nie brakuje tej kartce. Jest śliczna i na pewno spodoba się rodzicom Jamesa.
Pozdrowienia dla Oliwki :)

Kelly said...

Magda, your card is beautiful. I learned how to do one of these cards in a class at CKC this year. Hope to see you at the September 18th crop! Can't wait to see lots of pictures of Olivia too. Kelly