Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Last Saturday I met with girls at the big crop
I had fun and I also got inspired
so last two evenings
I was making these cards.
I am content how they turned out.
I used flowers which I bought in Poland,
my new stamps from Close to my Heart,
of course MS punch and some paper
which I had for at least last 2 years.


pasiakowa said...

Wyszły świetnie, muszę stwierdzić :) Eleganckie te karteczki. I stemple z napisami śliczne :)

ZIELONA said...

Piękne eleganckie kartki :)

Renata said...

Super! Masz do tego autentyczny dar.

Anonymous said...


Kelly said...

I love the cards you made!! What punch did you use to get that nice decorative edge?

lara said...

śliczne kartki Magda:)

truskawka said...

śliczne kartki :)