Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hope you had great Saturday! I had. I can say I was resting. No cleaning ( I only run dishwasher), no cooking - yesterday I made one of my husband's favourite dishes: crepes with mushrooms, spinach and Alfredo sauce - so we had some leftovers for dinner today! I only baked a quick cake with strawberries and whipped cream ( real whipped cream ). I didn't want to use strawberries from store, because they are not real - they grow in green houses and they taste the same all year round, so I went to Linvilla Orchards to get "real" ones. Linvilla is farm dedicated to agriculture, entertainment and education. They raise they own fresh fruits and vegetables that you can pick yourself or purchase in our Farm Market. Their bakery makes delicious pull-apart bread which we love. There is a great playground and additionally children can feed chickens, ducks and see a horse or a goat.
I love plants. Both indoor and outdoor. Because of traveling a lot I can't have to many indoor ones: I only have zamioculcas ( it is great for people who forget to water plants) and 2 weeks ago I bought my first orchid. I hope it will survive and rebloom in the future.
There is a different story with my garden. I love having blooming plants outside. After living in a block of flats for 26 years now I have my own little garden. Every year I buy annuals my husband plants tomatoes and basil. Next year we are going to build a planting box to start growing more vegetables.
This is a picture of my front yard.
My lavender. This picture is especially for Kasia - szkieuka.
And some color on my front steps.

Have a great Sunday!


Kelly said...

I love Linvilla Orchards. We used to take Katy there all of the time when she was little. I always order my holiday pies from there too! Mr. Linvill actually lives at the retirement community where I work. His nephew runs the farm now.

kasia | szkieuka said...

very nice surroundings, and thank you for the lavender photo :) I have a little lavender in a pot on the balcony, still waiting for it to bloom. I'm sure it's a different variety, though, much smaller :)